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Enhanced Search (Legacy)


This add-on pack provides more control over the search form on the locator user interface.  The goal of Enhanced Search is to provide admin settings that make it easier to change the look and feel of the search form, enabling a custom user experience with minimal effort.

THIS PRODUCT IS INCLUDED IN THE EXPERIENCE ADD ON.   The Experience Add On has new features and better performance.

Support is no longer provided for the Enhanced Search add on.

This add on will NOT WORK WITH STORE LOCATOR PLUS 4.7.3 or higher.

Product Description

Enhanced Search is a Legacy add-on for the Store Locator Plus base plugin.  This add on is no longer supported and will not work with Store Locator Plus 4.7.3 or higher.

All of the features found here are part of the Experience add on.

This add-on pack provides more control over the location data that is displayed in the locator user interface.  Enhanced Search provides admin settings that make it easier to change the look and feel of the front end search form, enabling a custom user experience with minimal effort.

Like all Store Locator Plus add-on packs, Enhanced Search is an optional side-by-side plugin that works with Store Locator Plus.    The Store Locator Plus add-on packs are true add-ons, extending and augmenting the functionality of the base plugin without modifying or otherwise disrupting active location data you have stored in the Store Locator Plus system.

What Does Enhanced Search Add?

Enhanced Search builds on Store Locator Plus to provide the following location results features:

Search Layout

Customize the look-and-feel of your search form via the admin panel.   Re-organize the field order or add your own HTML elements.  It is now easier-than-ever to customize your Store Locator Plus user experience without touching a line of code.

Search Address Nearest

Change how Google determines where-in-the-world an address is located via this “geographical influence” setting.    By default the Google engine will take whatever address a users enters in the search form and find what it thinks the best match is for that address.  Enter “LA” and Google assumes you mean Los Angeles, which doesn’t do you any good if all of your users live in the State of Louisiana and are entering the state abbreviation “LA” as the address.  This setting allows you to keep the original “worldwide mode” for address matching or use a new “Current Map” setting which tells Google to give higher priority to addresses closer to the current locations shown on the map.   Start your map off centered and zoomed into the State of Alabama and now when a user types “100 Main Street” is will pull up the closes Main Street to the center of the state, NOT the most-search Main Street in Buffalo New York.

Search By Name

Give your users the ability to locate your locations by name.

Auto-generated City, State, and Country Selectors

Give your users some helpful hints on where your stores are located with the City, State, or Country drop down menus.  These menus are auto-generated based on the current location data.

Address Autocomplete / Quicksearch

With this setting enabled the address / zip code entry field will start real-time queries against the zip/postal code field in your location list when a user starts typing more than 2 characters into the address field.  A suggested list of matches is shown for the user to select.

Hide Search Form

A simple admin toggle can show or hide the search form on all Store Locator Plus locator interfaces on your site.

Better Radius Behavior Controls

Turn the radius selector off on all locator interfaces on the site. Set the radius field to be ignored if the address field is empty, useful for search forms that show a state selector and you want to show ALL locations within that state.

More SLPLUS Shortcode Attributes

Multiple new short code attributes give you more control over the locator interface on a per-page basis:


Change Search Label & Find Button Text

Change the label text on more than just the Address and Radius search form entries.   Change the text on the Find Button, Name entry box, City/State/Country selectors, and the first “any” entry on the City/State/Country drop down selectors.

Set Placeholder Text

Placeholder text is the text that appears in a text input box giving user instructions on what goes in that box.  When the user clicks on the box the instructions go away.   This is an HTML5 compatible feature and only works for users that are surfing with an HTML5 compatible browser.   The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari all support this feature.   You can set placeholder text on the Address and Name search form fields.


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