DeBaat: Extended Data Manager


Add and manage additional data fields that extended the basic Store Locator Plus fields that ship with the product. Works best with Experience, Power and PREMIER. This product is also included with your Premier subscription.


Add new data fields to the Store Locator Plus locations or manage the interaction with data fields added by other SLP add-on packs.

This Third Party add-on is also included as part of the Premier Subscription  along with the Power, Experience and other Third Party add-ons.  Documentation

Add New Fields

Add new fields to the location data that can be updated via the standard add/edit location form.    Extended data fields can be placed in search results, map info bubbles, and on Pages templates. This requires the Store Locator Plus add-ons. Experience (to change layout, map info bubble, search) or Power (to add or change SEO Pages templates)

Manage Extended Fields

Whether you add your own custom fields or an add-on pack provided new location data elements, you can manage those fields.    See which add-on pack adds the fields, show or hide fields on a per-field basis, and more.

EDM 4.3 Add Custom Field
Add Custom Field

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