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Portal Architecture with Share Memories

Cyber Sprocket Labs would like to extend a big thank you to Share Memories, LLC for selecting our firm to manage their web portal revitalization.  Share Memories has performed extensive due diligence, having spent several months and a few dozen hours both on conference calls and visiting our new corporate headquarters in Mount Pleasant, to ensure they were selecting the right company for the job.

Our initial engagement is to assist Toni and Blake in evaluating where they are and more importantly “what do you want your site to be when it grows up” so that we can architect the right framework or application platform on which to build their site.  From there we will architect an implementation plan that will select the right mix of commercial off-the-shelf applications combined with custom elements that will give them the competitive advantage they need to seize an opportunity in an under served market.

We look forward to working with our new partners at Share Memories and are certain this will turn out to be a long and prosperous relationship for everyone involved.

Thanks Share Memories, we’re happy to be at your service!