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MoneyPress and SLP Beta

While I let Store Locator Plus sit for a while to “get it out of my brain” before testing I decided it was a perfect time to get back to the MoneyPress project.

If you haven’t been following the daily updates, I am working on a “master edition” of MoneyPress that ALL the MoneyPress editions will fall under.  This will make it far easier to support and update.  I will have less documentation pages to update, less code repositories to follow, less forums to follow.     It will be far easier as a single developer/business owner to manage.

Rather than just mold an existing plugin to do what I want, I am creating a new plugin that is 100% object oriented (OO) based.   I am also following some of the plugins techniques from sources I would like to emulate, like Jetpack.   Interestingly I find things in Jetpack that could be more efficient, but in general the Automattic people now the innards of WordPress fairly well so there are good techniques to follow.

I hope to have the first release out in a couple of weeks with MoneyPress serving up listings from ONE of the affiliate modules that will be supported.


I’ve still not decided how to monetize the add-on packs.   In all options the base plugin is always free and not “crippled” in any way.   The options I’m considering:

  1. One-In-5
    One-in-5 of the listings (selected randomly) will connect to my affiliate account (20% listings = revenue for me).    Premium paid add-on turns off the “take” giving 100% to the user.
  2. Raise Limits
    All listings are 100% revenue for the free plugin user.   Add ons do nothing more than change/raise limits on things like # of products you can list/page, set a default # per page, set default listing category, etc.
  3. BuyAt Base
    All listings are 100% revenue for the free plugin user, however the only FREE affiliate module is the seldom used BuyAt affiliate program.  eBay, Amazon, CJ, and CafePress modules (among others) would be paid add-on packs.

Of these options I like the “One-In-5” option the least.  It complicates the code, for one.    Currently I’m “waffling” between Raise Limits and BuyAt Base.


What do you think?  Which option would you be more interested in and makes the best base plugin while encouraging people to “donate” via a premium add-on.