About Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus is the successful WordPress plugin that has been focus of Charleston Software Associates (CSA) since 2014.

Short & Sweet

Charleston Software Associates is a small development company  based in Charleston South Carolina.   It is a single developer  with a part-time support person working to keep Store Locator Plus a competitive and affordable locator application.

The company was started by Lance Cleveland in 2012.  It was a pet project that formed around the desire to get back to making a living writing code instead of managing people and negotiating business contracts.  Downsizing Cyber Sprocket Labs in order to escape continuous 60-hour work weeks was the catalyst for this change.   Store Locator Plus, at that time, was  a soon-to-be-orphaned WP project and provided the perfect opportunity to get back to coding.

Today, there are over 25,000 Store Locator Plus installations worldwide and over 10,000 registered SLP add-on customers.   In 2015  a part time support person was added to help with the turn around time for customer support.  In 2016 we partnered with a development team in Europe to start building the next generation locator platform that will expand the products to the non-WordPress site building community.

Lance has a vast background in all things tech, if you have a project or need a solution, WordPress or not, send a query via contact us.