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    Hello there,
    currently i work on a Mobile Website for food delivery services. All i want to achieve is adding a tab to my site that says “Order Delivery” That brings the visitor to another page where he/she can fill in their ZIP / Address and other info. It should then be able to realize whether they can be delivered to that location or not.

    As an example i added a link to the frontpage of a pizza delivery service that already has that feature.
    Please let me know if this is doable with StoreLocaterPlus or not

    here is the Link


    Lance Cleveland

    Never really thought of it that way, but you can certainly modify the results with Enhanced Results in the SLP3 product to say “delivery available” instead of showing the location details.   This will be improved with the SLP4 / Enhanced Results 4 version due next month.

    However, the searches are always radius based.   While that is not a problem in most locations you could run into problems.  For example if someone is on an island (literally) that is within the radius it will show delivery available but that may cause some issues with actually making the delivery.

    Since delivery boundaries are not always (rarely) based on a perfect circle and tend to be based on local details about the geography, SLP may not be the best fit.



    Hi and thanks for your great advice and respond! Anyways i am sure i will use your plugin as well for my projects “if i only would know about it earlier” LOL

    However… do you maybe have an idea how this was done on that Pizza Site? I mean you click on “ORDER DELIVERY” and they send you to a registering page… any idea how they did it?

    Only a small advice or idea could maybe bring me further ….

    Thanks a lot

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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