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    where would I set (IF this is possible) restrictions for plugin User Managed Locations?

    I.e. I would like a user only edit his entry / store page, but not delete or recreate it.

    I have additional WordPress plugin “Role Scoper” running but can’t see what code I have to use for User Managed Locations…. is there any further docu about your plugin?

    Thanks in advance!



    Hi? Any info about this? I tried hiding the buttons with CSS, but no success, they still show up.

    I really don’t want the user to give the ability to delete his page……



    Hi – re this topic, I found an old post from Lance here:

    This seems to be similar to our problem – see attached screenshot.

    This user has rights manage_slp and manage_slp_user –
    so, if I understand this correctly, manage_slp gives him full access – I don’t want this, I only want him to be able to EDIT his user entry/page (not delete, not trash, not recreate, not import, not add) anything else.

    If I only give him capability “manage_slp_user” he has no access to nothing whatsoever…… there is not even a link in the left side menu to anything storelocator related…..

    Help really appreciated here…….



    Hai Wolfram,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    This is an interesting feature you requested. At the moment, it is not possible with default set-up or configuration.
    There might be a workaround however.
    If you look at the UML Settings, there is an option called “Show UML buttons”. This option shows an edit button on the front-end for those locations, the logged-in user is allowed to manage. The button is a redirect to the edit screen to manage the location data as part of the SLP Locations menu.

    If you could manage to disable the “Manage” option for this menu, I think you could restrict the user to only allow the edit function of his/her location. Maybe your solution to restrict only the “manage_slp_user” capability might help with this?

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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