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Really need an answer on this soon.



Richard, I am not the techie type but have you looked in the troubleshooting section of the documentation?

tried the free debugging  plug-in?


if you need additional support from the guru please look under”




Thanks Cici – but I have already done the suggestions here to NO avail.  Been there and done that. I do have the latest software as I just bought it all in the last 2 weeks.  I have spent hours in the forums trying to find answers.  Really need some technical help here as I have a meeting with corporate on Weds, June 25.  My site is a charity/community site and we can not afford to buy more software or expedited support.




Is any body going to help me here???  I have been waiting for 2 weeks now.  This is horrible customer support after spending $160 with you.  I need help with this ASAP now.  My client is not happy at all.  PLEASE HELP ME!



Well, that was an extremely rude response Cici.  Doing charity work is something that should be looked up to, not this rude swipe at a paying customer.  I am extremely dismayed at your response and that it took another 8 days for any response at all.

I was looking for a simple answer to a question, I did not need customization as far as I knew.  I just wanted to know why none of the templates you all advertise with your product are not working like advertised even after buying more add-ons.

I would like to know how to get a refund as you product does not work as advertised and the lack of responsible and helpful customer support.


Lance Cleveland

Hi Richard –

I will post a response when I figure out a solution.  Most likely you are having WP Theme issues that are overriding and conflicting with the SLP Theme.  WP Theme rules usually take precedence and some WP Themes do not play well with others.

I apologize for the delay in response.  Free support is offered via the forums and can take up to 2 weeks before I can get back here and answer posts.     CiCi tries to fill in as best she can to answer simple questions.    She is not a technical person; in fact she is my part-time admin assistant that is trying to help me keep up with forum posts.  As CiCi was trying to point out, though I agree the response was  less-than-friendly, if you require ASAP responses I do offer paid support options starting as low as $25 for direct email responses to questions.

I know $160 is a big investment for plugins for some projects to not get “immediate direct support”,  but as a one-man show I cannot answer every question immediately.   Doing so would mean spending all my time answering questions versus improving the product.    For $250 setup + $220/year I offer a Premier Subscription that gets you all of the add-on packs plus priority support which is an astounding deal compared to the competition.   For as little as $25 you can get priority email support responses.

Keep in mind that WordPress Themes + Plugins create a complex technical beast. Diving into  requests like this, one that is most likely a theme/plugin conflict, takes HOURS or work.   On a good day I can figure out the issue in a few hours.   Often it takes a full day or more, as is the case with your particular issue.   On a $160 purchase I am literally working for $10/hour when considering only the support component.  That relegates thousands-of-hours of coding and documentation to charity work.   As someone that contributes regularly to charity, including time and financial contributions to Ronald McDonald house , I don’t mind doing some things on charity, but I do need to feed my family.


Now… back to the issue.   The layouts do work on a wide variety of WP Themes but as I noted “not all themes play nice”.   I will take a look at the URL but you may need to get the WP Theme developer to clean up things on their end.

I’ll post back here with more info soon.

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