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    I have a database that uses the Tagalong plugin for store product types: CP-Arial, CP-Ground, Transland Eqipment. Each store can potentially sell products all three types.

    The Tagalong plugin works great but I need to handle the case when a store sells all three product types. Currently, the map just shows a bubble for one type. I don’t really know what the solution would be I’d think it should show a “combined” bubble of sorts.

    Anyone else run across this scenario? How do I handle it?

    Example:          <- search for stores in TX

    “Global Airparts” is a member of two types but the map just shows one bubble. Perhaps the popup caption could show both types (bubble)?



    Visit our new Documentation site under FAQ explains how the taxonomy works.

    You can customize the map bubble , markers and more with the Experience add-on.  You can not have more than one map bubble per location but you can have it show all categories , or all tags (Requires Power or ProPack)  by changing the results layout. (changing appearance requires Experience Add-on

    You can achieve more functionality to do this sort of thing with  Experience and Parent-child search menus with the Premier plugin (see the tutorial on how to add commas in results table to show all categories (that particular one doesn’t have sound but you can follow along on how to do this on the SLP youtube channel) You Tube “Category Manager menu in Premier with multiple…”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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