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    Tagalong 1.0
    Store Locator 4.0.32
    Word Press 3.8

    Locations update without issue except for Tagalong Icon. Some locations (Random) will not accept the update and the ICON does not appear on the map.

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    Lance Cleveland

    Your Tagalong version is incorrect.

    Notes about checking versions and upgrading are online at the Troubleshooting page.



    Do I need to buy another copy/version as the Dashboard is not asking me to update my existing version?




    Lance Cleveland

    from: /documentation/store-locator-plus/troubleshooting/


    Check Your Add On Versions

    The base plugin and add-on packs are updated on a regular basis.  Often the updates include fundamental changes that are designed to improve performance by reducing the memory and/or disk request load when your visitors are interacting with the map.   Making these baseline changes often requires removing unused code or relocating it within the Store Locator Plus system.  What does this mean for the casual plugin user or system administrator?

    Whenever you update the base plugin make sure ALL of  your SLP add-on packs are updated to the latest version as well.

    Since this is a significant issue when it comes to maintaining site stability, newer versions of the add-on packs now communicate more details to the base plugin to help provide at-a-glance add-on pack information on the main Store Locator Plus / Info tab.    However if you have not yet upgraded your add-on packs or if the upgrade communication server is offline you can still check your add-on packs manually.

    Upgrading An Add-On Pack

    First upgrade the base plugin.   It is a standard WordPress plugin and the WordPress plugin directory is kept up-to-date with the latest release.  Go to dashboard / updates and click “check again”.   If there is a newer version of Store Locator Plus available it will show up here.  Install the update as usual.

    If there are any SLP add-on packs available they should show up on the upgrade list, however the WordPress hooks that query remote servers do not always respond fast enough to notify you when a non-WordPress-hosted add-on pack has an upgrade available.   Follow these steps to upgrade your add-on packs:

    • Check the most recent change log post to see what the latest add-on versions are.
    • Go to  your WordPress admin panel plugins page.    Compare your installed versions to those listed on the change log post.
    • Login to your account on the Store Locator Plus website.
    • Download your add-on packs for any that are out-of-date.
    • Via your WordPress admin panel, deactivate and delete the outdated add-on packs.
    • Via your WordPress admin panel, install the zip files you downloaded from the Store Locator Plus site, activate the add-on packs.


    Ok my IT guy and I have been all over the website and troubleshooting to download a new version of Tagalong (we need at least 4.0.018) .  Simple question:  Do I need to buy it again to be able to download? yes or no?

    If no then I have not been able to find the download button (Please supply a link)

    If yes then I know what to do: I will go to the cart and purchase it again.




    Lance Cleveland

    All your purchases and downloads will appear under your “My Account” link:


    If Tagalong is not appearing under your account then you are not logging in with the same account that you purchased the plugin with originally.   Discount coupons including the 75% off and 100% off version will only be valid if you are logged in with the same account that you made the original purchase with.

    To purchase the plugin again you can use this link:





    I have the same issue with tagalong icons not appearing in the results table after importing my locations. The icons are visible when viewing the location list in the WP Admin dashboard.

    If I edit the record after import, then the tagalong icons appear in the results. Would like to avoid this workaround if possible.

    I am running the current version of all plugins in the Experience Package.



    I am having the same problem. After importing locations, the custom tagalong icon does not show on the front-end. I have the latest base and add-on. I just downloaded both today and installed, so it should be the latest and greatest. I have over 550 locations. I do not want to open each individually and click update. After opening and clicking update, the custom icon will show up on the front-end.

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.1.01






    WordPress Version:3.8.1

    Site URL:


    MySQL Version:5.5.33


    PHP Version:5.2.17

    PHP Peak RAM:73 MB

    PHP Modules:

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    We are having this same issue as well. Updating the individual location fixes this for us as well but like @evan we have so many locations we cannot do this one by one. I there a bulk action we can use to fix this? I see there is a slp_locations_manage_bulkactions filter which I thought would allow me to add ‘Update’ to the bulk actions but I could not find any documentation on how to use it. Any ideas?




    Wow, I just realized an even bigger issue with this is that anytime you import, update, or save any change to a location a store page is re-created. Is this the intended functionality?? This is not good.

    Also, when I delete the store page (from the location management panel) the categories are removed from that location!

    Please help!



    Can anyone help on this matter? Please.






    With a little snooping in the database, you can see that the column sl_options_value changes slightly upon manual update from the wordpress backend.

    For instance, you can see the changes here:



    So I found all the different kinds of icons that I was using and made an UPDATE statement that changed them all.


    UPDATE wp_store_locator

    SET sl_option_value = REPLACE(sl_option_value,’a:1:{s:16:”store_categories”;a:1:{s:6:”stores”;a:1:{i:0;i:11;}}}’,’a:1:{s:16:”store_categories”;a:1:{s:6:”stores”;a:1:{i:0;s:2:”11″;}}}’)

    I did this for each type of icon that I had.

    It worked. All of my icons are now showing up correctly.

    Hopefully, this can be fixed in future releases so we don’t have to do this hack.



    Lance Cleveland

    The Tagalong saving quirks are being investigated for a patch release.  Seems to be related to bulk import.   Editing/updating locations seems to work fine.

    Regarding Store Pages interactin, Pages will always be updated, it is how WordPress attaches taxonomy data to locations. By default pages are created in draft mode (unless you change this on the Store Pages tab) and should NOT appear as a link on the results under the map while in draft mode.  That is on the hit list to be investigated as well.



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