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    I have Store Locator Plus + Pro Pack + Enhanced Results + Super Extendo.

    1. I can add Featured to new locations, BUT I can’t add Featured to existing locations.

    When adding to a new location the Featured checkbox stays checked and I get a star and a numeral 1 in the Featured column of the admin display.

    When editing an existing location I check the box, click update and get an error

    Store Locator Plus needs attention:
    ABC Home Hardware (location id 1270) did not need to update the core location properties.

    I tried an edit deleting the lat and long clicking Featured and Save.

    I get the same resulting error, however a star appears initially in the Featured column. If I edit the location again the checkbox is unchecked.


    2. What’s the purpose of Super Extendo Field Manager in the admin pages? 2 checkboxes with a Save button, nothing seems to happen? Logic would lead me to believe I could turn either of them on or off with the checkbox. But selecting a checkbox and then Save refreshes the screen and both boxes are still off.

    I’ve read the documentation on Extendo, on the one hand it says,

    “Current version does NOT allow the addition or self-created data fields.  The current version only allows other add-on packs to extend the location data. This may be added in a future release.”

    then this which seems contradictory . . .

    “The Super Extendo plugin enables the ability of Store Locator Plus locations to have up to 250 extra data fields to be attached to the location data. ”

    Thanks for clarifying this. I’m fine if the two fields Featured and Rank are both there without any option to turn them off or add any others, but would just like to understand the options.

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    Hi Marine,

    I was having the exact same issue with the featured option, but once I updated WP to 3.8 things seem to have been corrected. Check to see if you are using WP 3.8 as that may solve the issue.

    As for the Field Manager section, it currently does not do anything. And yes, the description given for the extendo plugin is contradicting.


    I included a link to a previous post someone made about the Field Manager and the description it has. I would suggest giving that a quick look over.





    Thanks for the link to the discussion about the feature description.

    As for WordPress version we are still on 3.6 for too many reasons to list here. Will be looking at 3.8 next month as part of our monthly maintenance.



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