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    There’s a discrepancy with permissions rules that is creating a problem with us using store locator plus alongside the pages plugin.

    Purpose: We’re attempting to provide ‘managers’ limited access to create new locations and manage their own locations. They need to be able to use tagalong and slp’s tagging to categorize their locations and tag things, and to manage/create/update their own location pages.

    Method: We’ve modified the ‘contributor’ wp role to give managers the following permissions:

    • manage_slp
    • manage_slp_user
    • read (posts)
    • read (pages)
    • read_private_pages (for an unrelated purpose)

    Result: With the above permissions, the managers can edit and create locations, but cannot edit or work with tagalong (categories) or their own pages. This means they can do almost everything with a location but the tagalong list is greyed out and they have no access to the store_pages post type or categories list. They also can’t edit/create their own pages.

    Issue: Looking at the code base it seems that the pages plugin in particular was created to require full admin access (manage_slp_admin) to slp in order to edit/create…which conflicts with slp’s permission structure since slp only requires manage_slp to edit/create locations.

    Request: Could this please be adjusted so the pages plugin works on the same logic as the main slp code base to allow users with the manage_slp permission to manage pages and categories (tagalong) and tags?

    WP version: 4.4.1

    SLP version: 4.4.12

    Let me know if you need more details.


    Hi Lisa,
    I will put this on the devlopers’ radar, but what are you using besides SLP version 4.4.12, assume since you are posting in Premier that you have additional add-ons. User Managed Locations is a third party add-on (DeBaat) for instance so any changes to that would need to be coordinated with the SLPus developer. I do not know how easy a feature this is or if it will require customization and it may take a while, We can add this to Ideas and Implementation


    While I did use another plugin to allow easy modification of wp user group’s permissions (Otherwise all there is slp and it’s own plugins. I didn’t create a new user group but simply added new permissions to the contributor user group) that really doesn’t have anything to do with the difference between the pages plugin and the main slp plugin permission rules and the trouble that it causes.

    That’s why i put ‘discrepancy’ above….this ticket is not so much a ‘new feature’ as a a request for slp to make the store pages plugin permissions compatible with the main plugin, which should already be the case.

    This is an expensive set of extensions and I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to request that plugins sold as compatible with each other actually be fully compatible or at least be fixed as quickly as possible when an incompatibility is reported.

    I believe this should be considered and treated as a repair to an incompatibility between the store pages and the main slp plugin…definitely not a ‘new feature’.

    The problem is simply that the main plugin only requires one specific  permission to be assigned to a user group in order for that user group to create and modify their own locations without seeing and being able to edit other locations, whereas the store pages plugin requires both the permission required by the main plugin and also full administrator permissions to store locator plus….which is inconsistent and odd and makes it impossible to use the pages plugin (and the tagalong categories) with limited permissions.

    So something that store locator plus does beautifully is interrupted by a difference in requirements by the pages plugin.

    I don’t believe this should be a huge change but do think this is something store locator plus should prioritize since the store pages plugin is sold as a fully compatible extension/plugin to slp.


    Oh, I see, you’re asking which plugins from Store Locator Plus we’re using on the website. Okay, here’s the list:


    Store Locator Plus – 4.4.12

    Directory Builder – 4.3.02

    Enhanced Map – 4.3.01

    Enhanced Results – 4.3.02

    Enhanced Search – 4.3.01

    Extended Data Manager – 4.3

    Gravity Forms Integration – 4.3

    Gravity Forms Locations – 4.3.01

    Janitor – 4.4

    Multimap – 4.3.01

    Pages  – 4.3.02

    Premier – 4.3.04

    Pro-Pack – 4.4

    Tagalong – 4.3.03

    User Managed Locations – 4.3

    Widget Pack – 4.3.03


    Let me know if you have any more questions.



    Lance Cleveland

    Hi Lisa –

    I’m looking into this.

    Pages should not be impacting Tagalong with regard to the ability to add/edit location categories.     However there may be other interactions going on especially with the combination of UML (DeBaat’s creation), Pages, and Tagalong combined.

    I’ll let you know what I discover after I completely my “homework” on this.


    – Lance

    Lance Cleveland

    Here is what I’ve uncovered in the code thus far, with regard to roles & caps.    How WordPress is handling the custom taxonomy rules is something I need to investigate.

    The issue is that granting things like manage_terms, edit_terms, and delete_terms will allow ANY users to add/remove/modify new location categories.   Many existing customers do NOT want their location-editing staff to be able to do that.   Those rules are going to need to stay as manage_slp_admin restricted.

    The WordPress assign_terms access, however, is something that I *think* can be changed to manage_slp_user which would allow any user with that capability access to assign categories to their locations.    This would then grant “assign category” to an user granted SLP access via the UML add-on.

    If that will work for what you need let me know.  If not I may need to think about a different solution.

    Base Plugin
    manage_slp :: capability for overall access to SLP

    manage_slp_user :: capability for access to standard SLP user features

    manage_slp_admin :: capability for access to SLP admin features

    All site users with an administrator role are granted the manage_slp, manage_slp_admin, and manage_slp_user roles when the SLP plugin is activated (or upgraded).

    Access to SLP menu items is not possible unless users have manage_slp capability. This is assigned to all admins and can be assigned to non-admin users via the UML add-on pack by DeBaat.

    Info/Experience/General tab require manage_slp_admin capabilities.

    Locations tab requires manage_slp_user capabilities.

    Adds manage_slp to selected users.
    Adds manage_slp_user to selected users.

    CSV Import/Export is not allowed unless a user has manage_slp-admin permissions.

    User requires manage_slp_admin capabilities to be able to see the Store Pages custom post type in the admin menu (set in base plugin).

    User must have manage_slp_admin capabilities to manipulate categories (‘stores’ taxonomy type in WordPress) including the following WordPress Taxonomy features: manage_terms, edit_terms, delete_terms, assign_terms.

    Lance Cleveland

    SLP 4.4.17 has updated the store taxonomy to allow ‘manage_slp_user’ to have assign_terms permissions.

    This should solve the issue.   Let me know if you need something else done.



    Thank you for working on this.

    I have SLP 4.4.19 and the user and role has manage_slp/manage_slp_user persmissions

    They still can’t edit the categories though.

    Is there’s something else I need to do?

    Attached is a screenshot showing the user profile and another showing the inability to assign categories

    You must be logged in to view attached files.


    Lance will look into this, but he needs additional info about your site. You mentioned you are using  another plugin   managing permissions besides SLP add-ons. Since you are seeing the category editor another plugin may be overriding or conflicting with SLP permissions.  Could you please provide  us with additional info on your site?


    Lisa ,

    Have you updated to the latest versions of Premier, SLP , Power to 4.6. (replaces tagalong, proPack, Pages Contact extender ) and Experience Add-on  (which replaced all the legacy products that were Enhanced) and UML? Is everything working now? Can I close this?

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