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    I’ve added SLP (+pro pack and store pages) to a site that I didn’t build which uses some sort of custom post template for ‘tyres’, and the problem I have, is that store pages I create are being forced into this format.

    I’m not a php expert and have tried to work it out, but cannot. I would like the store pages to output to a standard page, which I can then adapt…I’m a bit better at html and css than I am at php 🙂

    An example of a current store page can be found here

    An example of one of the ‘tyre’ pages is at

    Is anyone able to offer me any pointers?

    Versions information is:

    Wordpress: 3.7.1

    SLP 4.0.031

    SLP PRO Pack 4.0.018

    SLP Store pages 4.0.012

    Thanks in advance,





    Lance Cleveland

    The format of pages for custom post types is set by your WordPress theme.  Some themes handle custom post types better than others.  Most of my Woo Themes that I use allow me to style each page type individually.   To get specific control over a custom post type you need to create a new PHP template in the WordPress theme folder that is specific to the store_page post type.

    I’m trying to get the more technical topics, such as creating a template PHP file over on the developers forum.  You may want to post there and see if some of the other technical users have any input.  I know a few have created custom Store Page template files.




    Thanks Lance,

    I have created a basic store_page.php page template and I am assuming your plugin registers the post type store_page.

    Is there somewhere in the store pages php files that I need to set it so that new store pages use the template in store_page.php?

    Appreciate your help.





    Lance Cleveland

    The WordPress theme should do that automatically.   Which template is used should be determined during the page rendering process of the WP Theme based on page types.  Not all themes are cognizant of custom post types, however.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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