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    Hello there,

    Yesterday I bought your product and a few add-on packages ($ 200) to get a similar result as I saw in your introduction Video. Sadly to say is that none of the Templates get SLP fit in the Avada theme as hoped for. As a WordPress Newbie please can you sent me in the right direction how to set the color, fonttype and look that it matches the Avada Classic Theme.

    My other question is about the results pane. How to change the window text: Dealers and Contractors in my own text. All the other text I have changed/translated to our Dutch version.

    Thank you for your support,








    We need more information about your Plugin environment

    (See the Posting Guidelines.)

    The SLP Plugin Styles are under the documentation.  I do not know what add-ons  you have installed, Do you have Enhanced results, Search Enhanced Map, ProPack, etc. and what versions?

    The   CSS instructions are under Documentation, also  a tutorial video  on CSS and on  plugin styles as well. (search the playlist there are 48 videos in total)

    I do not know what specific  values and attributes  are built into your theme. There are too many themes  out there to be able to keep up with.

    There are a dozen different SLP style layouts.

    If there is something specific you need an SLP styles for  the developer can assist you if you require  customizing the SLP to fit your specific theme reqs.



    P.S. SLP has been translated to Dutch

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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