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    We purchased Tagalong for our categories.  The client has multiple products that we are using the categories for.  They do NOT want to use the icons… as it does not work for their products.  They simply want the category names to show.

    The categories are set and there are no icons attached to the categories… but the search results do not show the category names at all.  Firebug just shows a blank spot.  If I add an icon to the category names, I can get the icon to show… but never a product (category) name.

    How can I get the category names to show?



    This question was not answered more than likely because you did not provide information about your PLUG In environment, versions etc.



    I didn’t include it because it was not a matter of the system not working… I just don’t know if these two items are possible in Tagalong.  But here is the info anyway.


    SLP version 4.3.03

    Enhanced Results 4.3

    Pro Pack 4.3

    Tagalong 4.3

    MySQL Version 5.5.40

    PHP Version 5.4.42

    PHP Limit 256M

    WordPress General Limit 40M

    Wordpress Admin Limit 256M

    PHP Peak RAM: 14MB

    PHP Post Max Size 192M



    Hi Lisa,  I understand you might not think it is important….but  you mentioned you bought tagalong, now I see that you have Enhanced results\ and , ProPAck etc. Those additional products allows you to customize the layouts so it is very important for us to have that information. Also, if I cannot answer the question,  I will bump it up to the developer of whichever product. The developers will NOT answer any questions unless the plugin information is provided. There are too many versions and too many customers to answer, and too many projects to work on,  anyhow, you understand I am sure.

    There are settings to turn off the icons in Tagalong (see documentation). Since you have Enhanced results  you can further add the options of having the name display instead , there is a setting for that as modifying the Results Layout and adding the string for the category name to appear in the results if you do not wish to have Icons.  Taxonomy of WP and tagalong

    Shortcodes for ProPack and attributes

    The attributes for Tagalong and the shortcodes to place in ProPack to further modify is above.

    The current version release of SLp is 4.3.07 there is also important information provided by Lance via the attached video. SLP 4.3.07 important information



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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