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    I have attached screenshots to show that I have the most current version of WordPress, the most current versions of SLP/Add-Ons and the PHP version.

    Location Page:

    *Note – I am using the SLP plugin as a “advisor” search. Even though these are people and not store locations, the information is basically the same as a store, just using a persons name instead of a store name. So functionality shouldn’t be affected from the fact that they are people and not stores.

    When I first installed Enhanced search, the search was working fine. Then after updating the plugin and couple of the add-ons, the search function is not working correctly.

    The search by name does not work at all. I will copy and paste the name exactly as it shows in the results, but returns “No Results” for any search I do by name.

    On a positive note, the search by address seems to be working just fine.


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    Hi Jennifer,

    I changed my Experience to Search by Name, added a label “Name” for the search form, entered the name of something in my area that was also in my data set and it worked fine for me. So I was not able to replicate you issue.

    What are your search settings?   Do you have a radii setting for default? When you searched was the name of the person within the radii?

    I then  visited your site, I denied “allow your location” I typed in the Name Dietz into the search box and it came back with Donald Dietz. I refreshed and  typed in next search just Donald and it came back with Donald Dietz .

    I typed in Matthew it came back with Matthew Creswell.

    I typed in John and no results  came back,, assume there is no John close to y Location?

    Was there supposed to be something else coming back ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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