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    I’ve attempted a rollback to 4.7.11 so I could get the Pro Pack working and export my location list. I moved the plugin folder and uploaded the 4.7.11 version. Verified permissions and ownership were correct and logged in. The plugin shows that an update is available and v4.7.11 is installed (image1.png)

    However, when I go to the plugin environment tab, v4.8 is still displayed (image2.png). I noticed it says “This information Cached:”. Is that the reason SLP still thinks the new version is installed? Is there any way to force a refresh?

    OK, I realized both versions of Store Locator Plus were activated. I disabled and removed the new 4.8 version, However, when attempting to activate Pro Pack 4.6.5 I get the following error:
    Pro Pack version 4.6.5 has been disabled.
    It is not compatible with version 4.7.11 of Store Locator Plus.

    I was under the impression that the Pro Pack would still work on 4.7.11 because of this post

    Is that not the case any more or do I need an older version of the Pro Pack?

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    That forum post should probably have said that SLP 4.8 versions were not compatible and 4.7.11 “might” be . I believe the last SLP version that I recall being tested with ProPack version 4.6.5 was SLP version 4.7.4 published back in January . I haven’t used ProPack or tested it on my own site for perhaps 6 months or so since it was compounding issues on my own site switching back and forth with Power add-on.

    Note: The SLP earlier versions might have issues with WP v 4.8.2 so there are no guarantees that rolling back will allow you to edit certain lines. ( See the authors post , via link below)

    As a result of the WP auto update to version 4.8.2 the developer had to patch and update SLP which is now on version 4.8.7. Somehow this effected ProPack and Tagalong because of the taxonomy and database changes. He explains it in this post (better then I can)

    We don’t know if rolling back WordPress to an earlier version will allow you to use the outdated plug-ins and/or add-ons since they are no longer updated , tested or maintained. Updating 18 add ons was time consuming and inefficient.

    In my opinion, it is not advisable to “rollback” WP or other plug-ins to earlier versions once they were updated but if you are using a Back-up service you would back-up earlier versions of everything.

    There is some info on WP Codex about earlier versions as well.

    Side note: Pro Pack functionality , along with categorization, SEO Pages, Contact manager, and Directory Builder were rolled into the Power Add-on that was released 22 months ago. The author continued to update the separate add-ons as long as feasible to give his customers time to adjust. If you purchased your Legacy add-on within past 9 months you might want to email support.


    I bought July 2, 2015 so I guess I’m out of luck. I was able to roll back to 4.7.4 and activate the pro pack which enabled me to export locations. Based on the incompatibilities you’ve mentioned, I’ve re-enabled 4.8.7 in the interim.

    Honestly, I’m left with a difficult decision. The only reason I bought the pro pack was for location import/export. The other features are just bloat. I don’t like the way the power/experience pack was rolled out. I mean what guarantee do I have now that the power pack isn’t going to be obsolete a year from now and some other new “ultra” pack has to be purchased? I like your software, but I can’t support that business model. Unfortunately, I’ll most likely be finding new store locator software.


    Check out the MySLP, it might serve your needs better if all you need is importing. They have various levels of service.

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