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    Imported some csv files with no issues. Pop up boxes in map are not formatting wide enough, having to do quite a bit of scrolling. There is a lot of space between lines.

    Same for results list below.  Lots of line breaks between lines. Formatting doesn’t seem to work via the Select a Theme in Style.

    This is on WP 3.8 and the Alyeska theme

    I have the ProPack installed with V 4.

    I’ve read over everything I can find and messed with this for some time but can’t seem to affect the results. Could this be related to the today’s upgrade to 3.8?  SLP was not installed until after WP was upgraded to 3.8.

    See attached screen shot.

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    Hi Brad,

    That maybe a theme issue, I previously tested out that theme with SLP and things do not layout correctly. I would suggest switching themes and seeing if you still have the same issue.




    Lance Cleveland

    Different SLP themes have been built over time to work around the various ways the WP Themes mess with both built-in Google map layouts and my SLP HTML/CSS structure.    With tens-of-thousands of WordPress themes out there it is nearly impossible to “cover all bases”.

    I suggest trying a few different SLP themes first.  The default theme has all of the “try to force the Google Map to work properly” settings built in but sometimes there is a specific image or layout rule that goes “outside the box” that can appear in the other SLP themes.

    If that doesn’t work, as Luis suggested, you may want to try a different WordPress theme.   Some place nice with others… some don’t.



    I have way too much time invested in this theme to change it.  I use this theme on a few other sites, it’s well written and very flexible. It’s a commercial theme.


    Why would simple things like displaying results and popup boxes be written to be dependent on the theme?

    It amazes me how difficult it is to find a store locator plugin that works like it should. Yes, SLP ‘functions’ as it should, imports nicely and so on… where others did not and were full of bugs but now that I have the functionality I can’t make it  display the data correctly.

    I’ve tried several other SLP themes but not all, I’ll try them all before giving up on SLP. This locator supports 1000+ locations and is extremely important because it gets used quite a bit and needs to be used much more.



    Just finished trying every single SLP theme… no love. If I can’t get it to display correctly then I guess I’ll have to get a refund as much as I hate to do it.

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