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    When I trying to run a report, I am receiving the below error message.  I’ve tried many combinations of date ranges and # of detailed records but it keep failing.

    Sore Locator Plus: Version 4.0.032
    ProPack: Version 3.11.004
    Enhanced Map: Version 0.9

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for SLPlus_AdminUI::enqueue_admin_stylesheet(), called in /homepages/39/d180716731/htdocs/wordpress-folder/wp-content/plugins/slp-pro/slp-pro.php on line 1097 and defined in /homepages/39/d180716731/htdocs/wordpress-folder/wp-content/plugins/store-locator-le/include/class.adminui.php on line 181

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    I downgraded my version of store locator plus to Version 3.11.23.

    Now the error does not return but neither do any results.


    Lance Cleveland

    I am no longer developing/supporting pre-4.0 releases of the SLP plugin or add-on packs.

    from: /documentation/store-locator-plus/troubleshooting/


    Store Locator Plus 4 Upgrade Notices

    Mixing Store Locator Plus 4 (SLP4) with Store Locator Plus 3 (SLP3) add-on packs (or vice-versa) can cause a wide variety of problems on your website.   The following error messages may show up on  your admin panel, main web pages, or in the WordPress error logs.   They are the most common indicators of mixing SLP3 and SLP4 products:

    • Fatal error: Cannot use object of type SLPlus_Data as array
    • The setResultsString method is no longer available.
    • The create_InputElement method is no longer available.
    • Call to undefined method SLPlus::VersionCheck()

    Version 3 and Version 4 Do Not Mix

    You cannot use Store Locator Plus 3 add-on packs with the Store Locator Plus 4 base plugin.  If you upgraded your base plugin from SLP3 to SLP4 you must de-activate and delete the older add-on packs until you purchase the SLP4 compatible version of the add-on pack.   Make sure you download the SLP4 zip file from your account on the Store Locator Plus website, upload and activate the new version.

    Downgrade The Base Plugin From SLP4 To SLP3

    If you do not wish to purchase the SLP4 compatible upgrades you can always downgrade to SLP version 3.11.23.

    SLP4 Add On Discounts for SLP3 Users

    If you purchased within the past 30 days you will have a 100% off coupon in your account.

    If the purchase was more 30 days ago but within a year you will have a 75% off coupon available.

    Read the Upgrade Coupons Active article to learn more about the coupon process.

    Checking For SLP3 or SLP4 Add Ons

    Checking if your base plugin or add-on packs are version 3 or version 4 compatible releases is easy.

    Go to the WordPress plugins page and look at the plugin versions.

    All of the SLP4 compatible add-on packs (other than icon packs) start with version 4.   If your add-on pack starts with anything lower than version 4 it is NOT an SLP4 add-on pack.    The Store Locator Plus plugin and all add-on packs must start with version 4 or you will likely run into functional issues on your site.

    If the base plugin and add-on packs start with version 0, 1, 2, or 3 then they are SLP3 add-on packs.  It is OK to mix-and-match the various versions as long as NONE of the Store Locator Plus plugins start with version 4.

    Everything Is On Version 4, Any Other Hints?

    Make sure all of your plugins are up-to-date.

    The newest post in the change log posts will show all add-on versions.



    Just upgraded to:
    Store Locator Plus Version 4.0.032
    Pro Pack Version 4.0.018

    And the reports function still returns no results.


    Lance Cleveland

    Do you have the reports feature turned on?  It will not record results unless you check the box telling it to do so.   Look under the Pro Pack tab.


    Reporting Setting

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