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    I’m wanting to add the “Pro Pack – Tags” information into the bubble that shows up on the map… is this possible?  maybe there’s a shortcode for Pro Pack information?

    Essentially what i’m doing is… we use SLP as a dealer locator for our boat dock manufacturing company.  and our dealer’s specific lakes are under the Pro Pack category.  we’re trying to add a little deeper level of efficiency for our customer’s sake where the dealer’s lake(s) actually show up on that dealer’s bubble.  now they are having to click on the dealer profile and see what lakes and areas said dealer covers and we’re trying to overcome that.

    any advice?



    That cannot be accomplished with ProPack.

    To change/display additional fields and /or change  the  layout such as  the Map (info bubble)  etc , requires the Experience add-on.

    ProPack is a legacy add-on and is no longer supported nor tested for compatibility.  Therefore it  will not work with versions 4.7.9 or above of SLP and we no longer support nor maintain  that add-on nor any legacy add-ons

    See conversion of legacy add-on and additional info in the SLP documentation site.

    If you also intend to have extended data  (custom fields) and other add-ons the best bet is to buy Premier (and it is a better value if you are using both power and Experience add-ons).  You will also have access to the #talk-about-slp SLACK channel providing a direct route to see updates, issues, and resolution and where the developer will share pre-releases and answer technical  questions (if not provided in the documentation) .

    Please note that all the add-ons are being updated to a 4.8 version once testing is completed they will be published.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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