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    We have the Pro Pack v. 4.4.04 installed on our site and have been trying to do both a bulk import and export with no luck. On both attempts, unless the site list is very small (less than 100 sites) the server times out.

    The site has a total of almost 5000 locations. We’ve instructed the client that he may have to import is short increments of 100, but is there a way to do a bulk export of more than 10-100 at a time? Even attempting to export 1000 times out our server.

    We have Janitor installed and have to reset the admin locations number to 10 each time we attempt to do an export.

    We are using CloudFlare, so it’s throwing up the 520 error. If we turn off CloudFlare and let it sit and spin, the site will eventually load. However, we have to be patient and wait at least a minute or so and the client was assuming that the connection wasn’t working. With CloudFlare turned on, it was giving us the 520 error before the site had a chance to load.

    Any ideas what might be going on?

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    SLP has had customers and clients that update via importing locations of   2,000- 20,000  on a regular BASIS with no issues. Much is dependent on your server configuration and speed and also your file formats. Are you seeing any error messages such as not geocoding? or is it just timing out?

    For helpful hints:

    Check your tab settings under General Admin set and here is some  info on what you should be setting them at depending on your server and issues..Server and geocoding

    Google has limitations as well unless you have a API key on how many queries in a 24 hr period your IP address is allowed in a certain time period.

    Here is some info about importing large datasets.



    You can also import via a directory path if you have dedicated server. Detailed INFO

    on IMPORTING Large data sets, requirements and directory paths.below:


    Some additional troubleshooting info for Large data imports

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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