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    Hi guys,

    This is just a pre sales question and I wasn’t sure where else to ask it. I am considering purchasing the pages add on.

    My question is I believe it allows me to create a stand alone page for each location. I am wondering if those pages can be visible or not on a per location basis? I have a large number of locations (173) and not all of them are always paid up on their membership fees etc.

    Those that are I would like a link to their full info page, those that are not I would still like them to show up on the map, but not allow a full page to be seen.

    Can I do this?



    Hi Jay, I noticed that you emailed the question to the contact us  (with some additional questions) and I passed it on to the developer. I am going to copy and paste his answer  here so others might benefit if they have similar question. Thanks for looking at SLP

    “Hi Jay –

    By default locations do not have individual pages. These are created with the Pages add-on to build SEO-friendly pages about each location. They are created via the SLP Locations tab using a page template. There is an option to set all store pages to draft, which is the default setting. Once created they work like any other WordPress page though they are within their own custom page type named ‘stores’. You can make them private/public on a per-page basis.

    : As an aside, you may also be interested in the Enhanced Results featured listings option to highlight specific listings.

    Geo location is in the Pro Pack add-on. You can turn location sensor on using that product.

    Per-location map markers can be set using Enhanced Map which will override all other marker settings including the default marker. Tagalong provides the ability to categorize locations , by province for example, and set a category-specific map marker which takes precedence over the default marker but does not carry as much weight as the per-location marker included by Enhanced Map.

    Depending how advanced you want the solution to be, you may want to look at the Premier Subscription which gives you all the add-on packs including the forthcoming Power and Experience add-on packs that will be replacing the dozen independent plugins and grouping them into two larger plugins. Premier also gives you first-response support and access to our Slack real-time chat channel.



    Hey there,

    No problem posting it here, I got the answers via email and if the extended info I asked for helps anyone that’s great.

    The answers were great btw and we are going forward with purchasing the suggested add on’s



    Thanks for the feedback Jay.

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