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    Really appreciate this valuable plug-in!

    Had it up and running flawlessly before recent WordPress and Store Locator updates. After weeding through several forum entries I was able to get WordPress dashboard to reappear. Several plug-in activate/deactivates later I was able to get PS4 to launch. To my relief, all of my locations were still there. Unfortunately, regardless of whatever specifications I input into the various fields, i.e: “Immediately Show Locations”, “Radius To Search…”, “Radii Options”, “Zoom Level/Adjustment”, the map just would not function properly.

    On a related note, the client wants the map to be centered at a specific starting point. I found out this could be done with a premium add-on. Thinking this might be the key to getting the Locator functioning again, I purchased the Enhanced Map add-on, as well as the Enhanced Results add-on. Downloaded, installed and acticated the add-ons (including the apparently free-with-purchase Super Extendo- Thank you!). Went back through the program and made sure everything was entered correctly and let’er rip. No luck. While the “center at” function worked, it still did not show the locations, as implemented via the “Immediately Show Locations” option.

    OK- remain calm. Go through everything again. Still no luck. Get the Janitor in hear to mop up this mess! Janitor does his job, but still no go. Tried entering a new location. Nada.

    Wit’s end reached.

    Any help with getting this resolved is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

    Jimmy Nugent
    Crisp & Harrison Agency, Inc.



    Updated WordPress to 3.8 and reactivated plug-ins. Seems to have remedied itself. YIKES that was an adventure…


    Lance Cleveland

    Not sure what is going on with WP3.8.   The plugin was working fine pre WP3.8 and there is nothing I’m aware of that is “WordPress 3.8 specific” built into the plugin.

    Glad it was remedied with the update but I’d like to know why pre WP3.8 installs stop working.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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