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    Great product.

    However, my search doesn’t seem to pull back any results when searching from a mobile phone (iOS & Android tested), but it works fine on the desktop. Additionally, I’ve found that the div that renders the results never gets to the page on mobile, and the map pins do not populate on the map.


    Please find the plugin environment attached.

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    Hi Britton, which SLP Plugin style are you using? There are some that are responsive friendly more than others. Fitting a map on iOS is always a struggle it seems. Sometimes changing SLP plugin styles is the solution . I believe Lance wrote a post about the issue. Have you searched the forum posts ? Another good place to look is under the Info and News  There is a search box  pages and posts there as well .

    For instance , I knew when we were building a directory for a Word Camp in Charleston , Lance published this:

    Responsive Big Map fix

    Check out the various SLP styles and see if changing will help


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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