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    I posted this question in Home › Forums › Store Locator Plus – Ideas and Implementations 1 month ago today and have yet to receive any responses.

    I was just making some final adjustments before going live and noticed that the “state” and “find button” under Map Settings >> Pro Pack will be moved to Enhanced Search. Does this mean that I will no longer have control over the text displayed on these buttons unless I purchase Enhanced Search, or will they still be available to those who purchased the features as a part of Pro Pack?

    Also, I tried to get the 1.2 update details for Pro Pack, but there aren’t any. Do you have them posted anywhere? Is this what this update is about?


    Lance Cleveland

    When the features move they will only be available in the plugins specified. Most features are moving when SLP4 is released to simplify the explanation of what add-on packs do what.

    I’m not sure what you mean by 1.2 update details. I must admit I’ve been slacking on updating the change log pages. Too few people reading those pages, one of the least-visited on the site and one that takes a good bit of work to keep updated. I really need to write a script to pull the readme.txt notes from each plugin automatically as they are published.

    In the meantime, here is the current Pro Pack changelog:

    = 3.11.004 =

    * Fix: Admin page styling on Pro Pack tabs.

    = 3.11.3 =

    * Fix: stop undefined object errors.

    = 3.11.2 =

    * Enhancement: Update i18n/l10n language constants for better language file support.
    * Enhancement: Debug My Plugin debugging hooks updated with new panels.
    * Fix: Reporting CSV exports.
    * Fix: Reporting stylesheet.

    = 3.11.1 =

    * Fix: show uncoded fix

    = 3.11 =

    * Change: Requires SLP 3.11+.
    * Change: Editing lat/long is now part of the base Store Locator Plus product.
    * Enhancement: “Any” text on tag pulldown can now be set works in conjunction with Pro Pack.
    * Enhancement: Check that the proper version of the base plugin is installed before executing.

    = 3.10 =

    * Change: First release as a separate install file.




    My business has one simple need and Pro Pack supplied it, and that’s for my button to say “Find Lakes”. Now in order to keep that text on my button, will I have to purchase the Enhanced Search? If so, and I choose not to purchase Enhanced Search, what text will the button display?

    Thank you

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    Lance Cleveland

    The text on the button will display whatever the last setting was that you saved before upgrading.

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