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    I looked at a few other posts with similar symptoms and tried suggestions from those, hasnt helped me.  I originally bought SLP last year sometimes and paid for the upgrade that would allow me to bulk load addresses.  I was not ever able to get it to actually work that way though and eventually gave up and went to entering addresses 1 at a time.

    Recently (dont know how recent, a customer pointed it out) my locator has stopped working.  I have no clue why. It was up to date. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.  It doesn’t seem to care about any changes I make.

    I get a big blank place where my map used to be. and when you search it for a zip code it just resets the map to blank and does nothing else. I havent repaid for the pro because I dont want to spend money if it isnt going to be fixed, but if that would fix it, I’d do it. anyone experienced anything similar?

    (photo of displayed map “area”




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    Lance Cleveland


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