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    Couple of problems with Store Locator Plus. First, Internet Explorer users get a javascript error when the page is loading, and then it simply stops loading.

    Second, the list of results underneath the map is getting all scrunched together, all in one or two lines with no formatting and no divisions between name, address, telephone number, or GPS points. Again, I haven’t seen it happening in Chrome or Firefox, but Explorer users are sometimes seeing it. I have it set on the “original” theme, which should display the results with a line between each entry.

    Anyone else having these problems? got some suggestions on how to solve them? My boss is just about ready to wash her hands of the whole thing, if this is what her customers are seeing when they’re trying to find a local dealer. Can someone help? Thanks!



    I’m adding screenshots: the first is what the map looks like with Explorer, with the list below all run together. The second is what it looks like in Firefox and in Chrome, with a nice layout of dealers and a line in between each one.

    Also, we have one dealer that Google maps has no trouble finding, but Store Locator thinks is located in South Carolina when they’re in Louisiana.

    Please help!

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    Lance Cleveland

    What version of IE? Many of the older versions do not play well with the location sensor.

    Which SLP theme do you have selected?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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