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    I’ve just updated all of the SLP plugins and core plug in I’ve purchased only to find out that the exact same CSV file – properly formatted – now lo longer populates in the same field order as displayed in the plugins Dashboard locations table.

    How is that a simple update nullifies the CSV upload process?  Further – the upload terminates with a PAGE NOT FOUND error on the main site after uploading only a fraction of the locations.

    Not what I paid for.

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    No updates nullifies the import files. If you jumped the major versions such as from version 3.xx to 4.3 (see Troubleshooting you may need to use the free Janitor plugin for SLP) or if your file format did not have the correct column ordering , I assume  that could have resulted in errors.

    You have not provided a screenshot of your versions etc (see posting guidelines so we can better assist you)

    What did you update from and to? What versions did you have before?  There were a lot of additions to field names over the past year to accommodate new products.  Please provide a screen shot of your plugin environment and your CSV file .

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