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    I recently purchased the Tagalong add-on for store locator plus and it does a lot of what I need it to do, however I would like to also have it filter by a secondary category type.

    I’m using my store locator for a whiskey distillery company that wants users to search by liquor store or restaurant/bar first, then be able to choose what product type (whiskey, bourbon, vodka etc). Is this possible? Is there another add-on/plugin I can use to achieve this? Or would it require custom implementation? I would be very interested in any options you might have.




    It has already been customized and is available as part of  The Premier subscription features and options. There is a video on how it works, suggest watching that for an idea of how it works as a  solution. Also if you notice under your SLP admin panel INFO tab there is PLUGIN NEWS. That shows a list of recent posts about each update. Quite often the developer produces a you tube video, eh entire playlist and titles under The Documentation page.

    The Premier release 4.3.04. Article about what it is and does and how it works with Tagalong  here


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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