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    Hello Cici and Lance!


    I have been developing a website for my client since January(Going live this Friday) and this plugin has been the only one I have found that can do what I need it to do. So for that, thank you.

    I am working on the user area for the managed locations and I have come across the Image URL data field. Is there a way to add an image upload button here? It seems like too much of a process for my users to upload their image somewhere else and paste the link in. I’m concerned this will cause a poor user experience.


    Thank you for your help with this!!



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    Hi Kodi,

    Are you using Network Activated Multisite?  If so , we have a Pre release of 4.5.005 of SLP.   Extended Data Manager new version (please update) UML has a new version in pre- release 4.5.02.  If you have a develop site that you want to test it on that would be great.  Also note that the POWER is in pre -release testing stage, can you help us test it (if you have a development test site) it will take over the ProPack, Tagalong, Pages add-ons.

    UML and EDm and SME are DeBaats so if the question pertains to the UML particular add-on then this is the right place to post it.  If not, we should probably post in the Premier forum. I will put the question on Lance and DeBaat’s radar.



    I am not using a Network Activated Multisite. Is that required?


    I will check out the POWER add on, on my dev site.


    Thank you for clarification. I posted here because it was pertaining to UML.


    Thank You CiCi!



    1) No NAM is not required, am just collecting data since it works a little differently. I will let DeBaat and Lance know, that feature may need to be a customization. Could you send an email to support?



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