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    Hi there, we are using a membership plugin. I think this is causing problems for us when using the User Managed Locations add-on.

    We have given a user the ability to manage locations under Store Locator Plus > User Managed Locations (in our WP dashboard)

    We also added that user to a location listing. We confirmed in the WP user list settings they have access to manage 1 location.

    When we login as that user, they can edit their profile, using Paid Memberships Pro plugin, which has a ‘front end’ profile page. This is basically a user-friendly version of the “edit profile” page of a WP user profile edit screen.

    But there is no option to manage a location. If that user clicks to the page where we have the map shortcode, no options appear for them there either.

    Can you please help us solve this?

    Is there a link or a place we can direct users to on their profile page, to tell them where to manage their own listings, after we give them permission to do so using this plugin add-on?

    Thank you.




    Hi there,

    I wanted to write a follow up to this.

    I found out:

    If we deactivate Theme My Login, our users can manage their locations. But we have to use Theme My Login, since we are a membership site, and our members need access to other parts of the front end. Theme My Login restricts admin access to specific user roles. Our user roles that need to manage locations have to have these restrictions to use the rest of our site.

    I tried adding this url to the user links for Theme My Login:

    However if a user is logged in and clicks on that link, it just refreshes their profile page. (Yes, this is a user who does have permissions to manage locations and has been assigned as a store user to a specific location.)

    It seems like there is no way to give a user access to manage their location if we are using any sort of front-end styling plugin for member pages.

    Can you please help with this? Is there any solution at all?

    Here are our version numbers:

    SLP plugins & add-ons:

    Wordpress 4.5.2–en_CA or see our updates page screenshot:

    Here is our locations page, but this is not really relevant to the support ticket. I’m just giving it to you because we’re supposed to in your read-me instructions.

    If this is not possible to do, we are going to have to manually add locations for our users, which beats the point of our recent purchases. If that is the case can you please refund us?

    Order numbers:


    #40916 (this was a mistake purchase we wrote to you about already)


    If you need it, here is our environment info:

    Store Locator Plus:4.5.03
    Pro Pack:4.5
    User Managed Locations:4.4.00

    This Info Cached:1463463158
    WordPress Version:4.5.2
    Network Active:No
    Site URL:

    MySQL Version:5.6.29
    PHP Version:5.5.9-1ubuntu4.16

    PHP Limit:256M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:51 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:100M



    I was curious if you’ve made progress on your issue?

    I have a similar setup, using Theme My Login for user profiles. I am using Gravity Forms embedded into a special page to allow users to submit locations, which works, but have been having problems getting those locations to link to the individual users. They do show up on the overall list of locations, but not linked to any individual user. There is no mechanism for the individual to update their location information, and returning to the form just submits another location.

    Like yourself, we haven’t enough resources to manage all the user locations ourselves, and would love to find a way to automate!




    Hai all,
    Interesting case combining Gravity Forms and User Managed Locations.

    Here is a suggestion on how to combine the two:

    • Create a Gravity Form and have it contain at least a text field, lets call it “UserName”.
    • Create a Gravity Form Mapping and assign the text field “UserName” to the SLP field “Store User”.
    • When the user fills in the form, the text entered in the field “UserName” is then mapped onto the SLP field “Store User”. If this content matches a registered user_login value, the location is assigned to that user.
    • You can use standard Gravity Forms functionality to automatically ‘pre-fill’ the field by assinging the predefined value “{user:user_login}” to the “UserName” field. This will automatically prefill the field with the user_login value of the user that is currently logged in.
    • To make it even more robust, Gravity Forms allows you to hide certain fields or make them only visible (and editable) for Admin user. That way, users can only add their own locations while Admin users can add locations for any user.

    Hope this helps.



    Hi there, could you please answer the original post, and the one further explained after that? By Joyce and Johanna. Thank you.



    And sorry Joyce and Johanna.
    I’ve tried to combine the Theme My Login plugin with the SLP add-ons and I couldn’t reproduce your situation.

    When I install TML out-of-the-box, it just works fine, my subscriber user is allowed to visit the page “/wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_manage_locations”.
    You are right that it might be a bit of a hassle to reach that page, maybe you could add a link to the menu for these users?

    Furthermore, there is a new option for UML coming. It is now being set up for prerelease. With this new option, you can add an edit button to the locations the user is allowed to manage. That way, the location edit page is reachable from the front-end. I still don’t have a way to easily manage a location on a front-end page.
    Hope this helps.



    Hi, we used theme profiles in our Theme My Login settings: – this is what prevents users from accessing the back end. We have to have this on for other parts of our site, such as Paid Memberships Pro areas (a membership plugin). Did you also use this setting and could still access the back end?

    By the way I found this out by posting to this forum: (just as a reference – I did try to see if there was another solution here)

    Can you tell us how soon your UML update will be released? We are worried we will surpass the 1 month allowance for testing and getting a refund if need be, if this doesn’t work out for us.

    Thank you




    Are you also working with Joyce, who is also submitting support email?  It is a little confusing as to whom we should be answering  if you are both working on the same issue or is this a different site/ user?  Please let us know, answering in the forums is fine, but as far as the email not sure which one I should be answering.

    The UML 4.5.02 version update is in Pre release.  If you have a development site you are welcome to try the pre-release.





    Joyce and Johanna are working on the same issue, same site. That’s why we’re both included in all the emails we send you.

    When will UML be out of pre release? Can you let us know if it will solve the issue we are having?



    The UML pre release is already  available under your account . If you change under General view to prerelease it might automatically show up. If not you can download it from ylogging onto your account under downloads



    Hi there,

    I looked in my Account on this website and these are the only downloads I see:

    I tried to read the rest of the page but can’t find the pre-release. Can you help?

    I only need the pre-release of UML, not the Pro Pack, right?

    Can you send it to us?

    I also checked in our WordPress install under Store Locator Plus > General view and I can only sign up to get notices of pre-releases but no download option.

    Alternatively, to save us all time, can you just let me know if the upcoming release is designed to solve the problem we have described in this thread?



    I will email you the pre release zip file. As far as the issue, you would need to coordinate with DeBaat. ProPack currently doesn’t have any pre-releases, the production and pre release versions are the same.



    Joyce and Johann, UML version 4.5.03 is already in Production.Do you not see that download. It was in pre release when the conversation started , I noticed you have v 4.4 of UML and not 4.5.03.

    Please let me know if you see the production version in your downloads under your account.



    Hi Cici, I have upgraded and I still get the exact same issue. Can someone please help us troubleshoot this? Or confirm it can’t work with Theme My Login, or in any front-end way, with any URL for users to access it?

    Is DeBaat reading this?

    Regarding the version updates, you should know:

    In my account, there is no indication of what version number is available for download, so I would not know by looking at this whether a release has been rolled out:
    –> is there another way to check on this?

    In my WP Dashboard under Plugins, if the plugin is activated, and has a release, the box shows in red colour, indicating there is a new version available, but no where to click to Update:

    If the plugin is then deactivated, the link to update will show, as well as the new version number available:

    If this can be fixed that would be great.



    Joyce and Johanna,

    This was DeBaats, response to Ben who was having similar issues:/requirements

    “With this feature, an Edit icon will appear in the [slplus] results list on the front-end for only those locations the logged on user has access to. Clicking the Edit icon will lead to the manage page on the admin section so you would only need to allow the user access to that page as well.

    By adding the text “[slp_location uml_buttons]” to the results layout, you can even control the location where the Edit icon appears. In my case, I have added it directly after the Store Name like this:

    <span class=”location_name”>[slp_location name] [slp_location uml_buttons]</span>”



    Hello Cici, I can confirm that this does not work for us. I have tried many ways and tests to make it work. Can you please tell us what we should do to get this working?

    These are the version numbers of the plugins we’re using:
    SLP Version 4.5.05
    UML Version 4.5.03

    Here are the results of our tests.

    I set a user jast**** to “allow” to manage locations under Store Locator Plus > User Managed Locations. This user shows it can manage 1 location. I clicked save changes.

    Under Locations I set this user to be allowed to manage the location with the name Adri** de Me**, M.Ed., *** (using stars so she doesn’t show in search results)

    I logged in as the user that I just allowed access to edit that 1 location.

    I navigated to where our list of locations shows up, and there is no edit link or button anywhere:
    Screen Shot 2016 06 08 at 3 19 01 PM

    If I search for locations, there is still no edit link:
    Not at the end of results: and not at the beginning of results:

    I tried looking directly at the location this user is allowed to edit, and no edit link appears: (this would be a good place to put it as a default setting by the way)

    I tried adding the shortcode to a page, this is the output: (nothing happens, it just shows the text of the shortcode)

    I tried adding the shortcode sample you gave above to the Name of the location (see here: for how I set it up) . This is the output (nothing happens, no edit link):

    I tried entering the shortcode into User Links on Theme My Profile settings: – this was a fat chance it would work, I know. And I was right, it didn’t work, it leads to a blank page when creating the link on the front end.

    Can you please let us know how we can:

    Allow our users to enter and manage their own locations using this plugin extension?

    Can you give us step-by-step instructions of where to put your shortcode so it will work?

    Can you let us know precisely where the “edit” link SHOULD appear on a page, or menu, etc. if this works as you described above?

    We basically need an answer of whether or not this can work, given the situation we’ve described above with our member roles and using Theme My Login.

    Thank you



    The <span class="”location_name”">[slp_location name] [slp_location uml_buttons]</span> code is only available if you’re also using the Experience add-on.




    Ultimately, The only way I’ve figured out how to give updating access is to allow access for a specific user role to have access to the wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_manage_locations page directly. The gravity form works well, but it can only add locations to the map, and does not update the users existing location and info.

    (For context, the site I’m working on gives yoga instructors who have completed a class access to add their location to the map. Each instructor can only have one location, but ideally would be able to make changes and updates on their own as there will be too many to manage as a single administrator.)

    Ideal for me would be for the ability for the linked gravity form to create_or_update a location. I added the “Gravity Forms Sticky Form” plugin to persist the data, but resubmission of the same form will result in an newly created location.



    Thank you very much Ben for your input here.

    Cici and Debaat, can you confirm all of this is correct?

    Because what I’m reading here is that for our situation (not Ben’s), we are going to have to buy a $250 plugin to make a $65 plugin do what it says it can do.

    If people can not add or update their own locations, this plugin isn’t really performing the way it should, I would say so anyway. And if we can’t do this by maintaining our branding with a plugin like Theme My Login, and with a member site, that’s really difficult for us.

    If you don’t have plans to make any imminent changes to your plugin so that it can work with Theme My Login and WITHOUT the Experience add-on, can you please issue our refund?

    OR if my tests above were not done right, and if this plugin does indeed allow users to edit their locations without the shortcodes, can you please let us know why it’s not working on our end? Do we need to perform an update? Is a release coming?

    Thank you



    Hai all,
    Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting things to work.
    At the moment, I’m working on the suggestion to use the GF form to edit the location entered before.
    The way I’m going is to use a similar button as now already available for UML to allow an update of the location. A new location can be added by using the form from scratch. Unfortunately, the GF code is a bit complex and progress is slow (I can only work part-time on this). I now do have the prefill function working, but it also adds a new entry instead of replacing the existing entry.

    Thanks for the background info. I have the same situation. I’m managing the web site for the Dutch yoga teachers. There is no limit on the number of locations they can teach. And at that time, about three years ago, I coded the management of the locations myself. That was the idea to start the UML add-on. The main bottleneck for me was however how to use a front-end management tool to manage location data. That was the idea to start GFL add-ons.

    Hope to help you out soon.



    Sorry Johanna,
    I was typing my previous reaction at the same time you were typing yours 😉

    I can understand you might not want to buy Experience add-on just for this.
    I have issued a pull request to Lance to ask for an update of the default Results layout to support the UML buttons. This may come out in a next release.
    I’m not quite sure what the integration with Theme my Login will bring or limit. This might be a bit out of scope for this add-on.
    Hope to get it working for you soon.



    Hello Jan,

    For this part:

    The way I’m going is to use a similar button as now already available for UML to allow an update of the location. A new location can be added by using the form from scratch.

    Does this assume a site has Gravity Forms installed?

    Because out of the box, UML does not show any button or link to edit locations for front-end users. My tests above show this.

    Can you please confirm.



    thank you, can you tell us when the results will be modified to include the UML buttons? If they lead to the links we tried earlier, they won’t work anyway for us. We can add a manual link to a page to try to get logged in members to edit their own location, and it does nothing with Theme My Login and User Profiles set up.



    Hai Johanna,
    Rethinking your question, I think you have two options:

    1. Use UML in combination with the ‘default’ Store Location Plus Location Management page available in the Admin section. You would need to allow your users access to that page, probably via another login that manages access to Admin pages. The UML edit button will allow users to go directly to the edit screen for that location. You could add another button on your site to point to the Location Management page directly. On that page, UML allowed users can manage locations, meaning add new and edit existing locations.
    2. The second option is to use the Gravity Forms plugin in combination with the GFL and GFI add-ons to manage the locations on the front-end. This edit functionality for GFI will become available soon. You still need UML to handle locations per user.

    Hope this helps.



    Hai Johanna,
    Strange your edit button link does not work. When I try to use Theme my Login, I do have access to the Maange Locations page in the Admin section. Maybe you can check the settings for TML again? Or are you using another plugin to manage access?
    The link I generate for the UML buttons is something like:

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