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    Krista Ducey


    I have been trying to get this Power Add on to work. Paid $250. Not working. It would not find locations. You told me to add Google API code so I did.

    Now when I activate Power Add on I get the following error:
    <b>Fatal error</b>: Class ‘SLP_Settings’ not found in <b>/homepages/34/d195460062/htdocs/clickandbuilds/AmantiiTEST/Amantii-Test-2017-05/wp-content/plugins/slp-power/include/module/category/SLPPower_Admin_Categories.php</b> on line <b>29</b>

    Why am I getting this and why can I not activate the plug in? I created only 2 categories so far.

    Please help as I need to get this site live.

    Thank you.



    Please post your Plugin Environment each time you post especially if you are starting a new post. A screenshot of your Plugin environment is best because it not only shows what versions of SLP  but also your PHP version, WP version MYSQL etc.. Find the INFO tab, go to the Plugin Environment.

    Have you updated SLP Power to 4.7.11?  Are you seeing “new version available now” in your admin panel under Plugins?  Deactivate Power and you should see update, it is a one step update now.  I have just updated all my SLP add-ons from the back end admin panel under Plugins and no glitches so I cannot recreate your issue


    See the developers post of the versions changes



    You do have version 4.7.11 installed of the Power plugin, correct?

    Line 29 is not executable code, it is a blank line. Line 30 corresponds to the error you are giving us but 2 lines above it the class file for SLP_Settings is included.

     We checked SLP 4.7.11  and that file is definitely there. That would most likely mean your directory for SLPLUS_PLUGINDIR is not being set properly by the code, however if that was true NOTHING should be working. We have seen that on Windows boxes with multiple layers of directory shortcuts (symlinks) that PHP does not handle well 

    Please verify you have the latest Power plugin version 4.7.11. If you do not see it as an automatice update after deactivating the plugin , you can get it from the downloads page. Delete & upload/activate.

    Also makes sure your provider is not caching a past version of the plugin via opcache or other caching systems. We’ve  run into similar problems with an out-of-date object cache on servers before.

    If that does not work please let us know. 

    Krista Ducey

    OK I updated the plugin and I no longer get that error. Thank you.

    I am not back to getting no results. Please see my other earlier posts…


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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