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    I’m working on a website for a client who had previously purchased the Store Locator Plus Pro Pack. The problem I’m having is that no matter what I’ve tried, I cannot get any text to display on the “Find Location” button, it just displays as a square in different colors depending on the style.

    I have not tried all the Plugin styles available, but have tried a good sampling. The other problem is that the styles I’ve tried do not seem to be changing the display as expected, for example, if I select any of the “Beside The Point” themes, the map still appears below the search form and never on the side. Regardless of theme, the form input labels always appear above the inputs themselves and the zip code input is always full screen width with the radius input appearing below.

    I am comfortable with modifying the CSS, but I have studied your documentation and so far do not see any suggestions of which styles to modify.

    I am using the following:

    Wordpress: version 4.3, up-to-date as of 8-29-2015
    Store Locator Plus: version 4.3.02
    Store Locator Plus Pro Pack: version 4.3
    Theme: Themeforest Osmosis 2.4.0

    This is the page, current plugin style is Twenty Fifteen Rev 02

    This is the page in question:

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