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    we’re thinking of moving to SLP and it looks like it fits the bill pretty well. I have a question about featured listings – From what I can tell we’re able to assign featured listings that can appear above all other listings for a particular postcode, as well as assigning categories to listings using the tagalong add-on.

    Is it possible for us to show different amounts of data from a store, depending on whether they are featured or not? i.e. if a store is standard just show the contact details, a thumbnail and some basic text, but if the store is featured, we could show a gallery of images, a video, social links etc?






    Hello, any update to my question?




    Lance Cleveland

    You will have to use custom CSS to do that. The featured listing have a special class name ‘featured’ that is on the outside wrapper for the result listing. You can use CSS rules like div .featured span.name { display: none; } to hide the name span within a feature listing, for example.

    That will apply to all content within the results layout including things like the images in the base plugin, social links from the Social Media Extender add-on and other options.

    Enhanced Results, which gives you the Featured setting, provides the results layout editor which means you can do some fairly creative layouts and div processing for featured and non-featured listings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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