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    For some reason, the SLP: 4 Pro Pack does not recognize .csv files when I try to import store locations. I recieve an error stating:

    Uploaded file needs to be in CSV format. Type was .

    I’ve made sure that my imports are, indeed, CSV and I’ve even tried several of the demo CSV’s provided on I should note, this is on a multisite installation of WordPress. This is a very important feature to me, as many of my sites have 400 + stores. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I’ve attached a screenshot of the issue I am having.

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    I’ve run into the exact same issue…anyone know of a fix?



    Getting the same error.

    “Uploaded file needs to be in CSV format.Type was .”

    I even tried using the sample CSV file included in your support docs.

    Need to import 500+ locations to a new site going live in 2 days. We are implementing on a multisite. Thanks!



    So after fooling around with this for a while I think I found a rather obvious solution.

    I am using multisite and it appears that may be the issue. On my MS admin settings I had to allow csv file type. This is not a default file type. Once I added it my CSV file uploaded fine. Hope it works for anyone else experiencing this issue. Cheers! – Rand


    Lance Cleveland

    That is odd, I use multisite on my site, it is my test for SLP on mutlisite installs.   I’ve imported CSV many times and don’t recall ever turning on CSV as an allowed file type.

    Does anyone know if that is new in more recent versions of WordPress multisite?



    I am far from an expert programmer. I know just enough to break as many sites as I develop…. which is why I really like your plug… super simple for guys like me. All I know is that I was getting the “Uploaded file needs to be in CSV format.Type was .” error until I added csv as an allowable file type for upload in multi-site admin. The good news is that it works for me. Hopefully if someone else is experiencing the same problem it will work for them too. Here is a link to my live site.

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