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    I am sure this is an elementary question, but I am a print designer learning how to do web, so bare with me. First of all, I love this plugin, it’s perfect for what I am working on at

    As of right now we have four or five tag options in the map. Is it possible to create a page for each tab and have the map display with the corresponding tab as the default. For instance we have a menu item that says “Plan your visit” and underneath that are the four options. Can somebody select Dining and the map will load with the Dining tag already selected. And the same for shopping, attractions, etc.

    I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance for the help.


    Lance Cleveland

    Yes, Tagalong is the best option for that.     Pro Pack can also do the same thing but is unstructured data which can lead to some odd results when categorizing locations.

    Use Tagalong to setup your categories such as “dining” or “lodging”.   You can then create a page that has the code:

    [slplus only_with_category=”dining”]

    Add a menu item or tab to go to that page and it will only show the dining locations.



    Will I need to have both Pro Pack and Tagalong to accomplish this? I just purchased ProPack, can I somehow exchange the two?

    Thank you very much for your quick response?


    Lance Cleveland

    You can do it with Pro Pack, just not as many features in Pro Pack.   Use only_with_tag instead.


    Pro Pack is the original “light weight” version of location categorization, which was supposed to be replaced by Tagalong until a lot of people complained about losing the simpler free-form tags provide by Pro Pack.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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