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    I am trying to duplicate this page (kindof) but with adding a store locator map at the top.


    I want to


    a. Show all locations in the world, on one map.  There is only 20 world wide, didn’t think it would be a problem.  Can’t seem to get it to work, am using shortcode [SLPLUS initial_radius="100000"] thinking this would cover the whole world. It doesn't work.

    b. Next, I tried to install the category addon plugin so I could categorise listings into AU, INT and Festivals...

    It crashes my wp-admin

    4 hrs of my Sunday gone, not a happy camper.

    See issues here in video form <span class=”watch-page-link”>

    I have given up, and going to just do it by hand using Google Maps.

    Topic post so you can see its busted


    Lance Cleveland

    Your video shows you are using Store Locator Plus 4 with Tagalong version 1.X.

    You purchased and installed the wrong version of Tagalong.    As noted on the product page and in multiple locations on this site you cannot mix version 4 of the base plugin with anything other than version 4+ of the add-on packs, Tagalong included.

    As noted via private email earlier today:


    Make sure all of your plugins are up-to-date.

    The newest post in the change log posts will show all add-on versions:

    You cannot mix Store Locator Plus version 4.X with add-on packs that do not begin with version 4 as well.

    If you do not wish to purchase the SLP4 compatible upgrades, available at a 75% or 100% discount for users, you can always downgrade to SLP version 3.11.23.

    If you purchased within 30 days you will have a 100% off coupon in your account.   If it is more than 30 days and less than a year you will have a 75% off coupon.

    This article explains the coupon process:



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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