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    I can’t get either of these plugins to activate:

    Store Locator Plus :: Pro Pack  Version 4.6.4

    Store Locator Plus Legacy : Enhanced Search  Version 4.6.1


    I’m able to activate these:

    Store Locator Plus Version 4.8

    Store Locator Plus : Contact Extender Version 4.3.02

    Store Locator Plus : Gravity Forms Locations  Version 4.7.10


    My website page is:

    I used to be able to search by name. Now it no longer shows up. Can you help me?

    I’m using WordPress 4.8



    As published in many posts over the past 18 months (such as this one) those are Legacy add-ons and were phased out over the past 18 months. They have been replaced my more efficient add-ons. No Legacy add-ons work with SLP version 4.8.  The changelogs and view details are visible prior to updating the core base SLP plugin. You can try rolling back SLP to an earlier version or restore from your back up of your site. (assume you backed up prior to updating either WP or SLP or any plugins)  ProPack worked up until the SLP version 4.7.11 and above. See documentation about ProPAck

    Power add-on replaces ProPack, Pages, Contact Extender and Directory Builder as well as tagalong (categories) , thos functions are now part of the Power add-on.


    All of the “enhanced Legacy add-ons were phased out over a year ago. Those are now included in the Experience add-on along with the CSS functionality and Widgets.  Buyers guide


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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