Anyone had success with reoccuring CRON CSV updates?

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    Has anyone had success with reoccurring CRON CSV import and if so, what is your configuration and what addons?

    What I can confirm

    1. Providing CSV file is set up correctly with headers in proper order and using proper names the data imports quickly and correctly; a few seconds for 2000 records.
    2. Updating is problematic via CRON.  Without contact extender a change in a record results in the original record kept and a new changed record. The data does not update.  With contact extender the records did not update at all.  example:  imported 1000+ records on a CRON then revised source CSV removing all entries in email column…(header name was kept) and the CRON did not update records in SLP to remove the deleted information.

    SLP PROS: If you don’t change many records that often or at all then SLP works fantastic.  You can’t get this type of functionality for this price and it works responsively.  Data import to clean db works fantastic providing you set up the CSV file correctly.  I’ve found the order of header titles is very important.

    SLP CONS:  Reoccurring CRON import is challenging.  I still haven’t gotten it to work on WP 4.1 and 4.1.1 in two different themes.

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