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Hi Toon,

No there should not be an automatic resetm the intent is that your settings will work the same. Not sure what theme you are using but as you may have noticed, all the WP themes and Woocommerce themes also changed and updated with major version releases. As luck would have it , about the same time Lance published our releases.  SLP styles (we are calling them that not instead of themes so as to not confuse the two) should save in directory. Did you back up before updating? Were there other plugins updated around the same time? WP is getting a lot of traffic on their server with this latest version release of theirs as you can imagine. Hopefully it will work out and we won’t get bumped. Could you please provide us with a screen shot of your plugin environment and other pertinent details so I can have the developer(s) look into it.

Also it would be useful if you know which versions you went from/to”

Looking for technical support, please provide Plugin environment


Attached for reference, my screenshot of plugin environment under SLP info tab





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