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Lance Cleveland

Are you using version 3.12 of the Pro Pack? That section you posted with a screen shot has a big bold header (Version 3.12+) for the “First Line Has Field Names” feature. In fact I just edited that page today to change it to say 4.0 since I’m changing all add-on packs that are SLP4 compatible to start with 4 as the major version number.

Tagalong does currently support categories in the SLP3 compatible release. That is not changing.

Maybe I need to put big bold text under the “THIS IS A SLP4 COMPATIBLE FEATURE ONLY”. I thought people might ask when Pro Pack 3.12 is coming out (now labelled Pro Pack 4.0) when they saw that documentation. Or maybe ask where the “First Line Contains Fields” option was on the import if they missed that heading.

Some people actually ask questions and read documentation before wasting hours on something. Heck, if you took the time to ask I’d have offered to let you in on the SLP4 pre-release. Instead you berate me here and in email and demand a refund for a low quality product.

Sorry you are disappointed in the options available today and found the documentation page confusing. Not quite sure how to better present new feature documentation for the current beta testing group and keep the SLP3 docs online at the same time. Creating two sets of documents is not an option as I do not have the resources to manage & maintain the docs. Customers seem to prefer bug fixes & features over more time on documentation.