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Hi Janie,

Thank you for sharing the file and your info.

I tested by uploading your file in Google sheets to review. I noted there was an empty row at the very beginning so I deleted that and then saved as csv file.

next step, I logged into my own WPSLP account. I uploaded your csv file. It loaded immediately, i checked to see if the first entry Hilton Hawaii was loaded and it was.  I also checked to see if the last entry for matter of the heart was loaded (see my locations screenshot) and it was.  It all took  about 2 seconds.   I am attaching the file I imported and saved so you can double check it and perhaps try the file with the empty row deleted.

I cannot recreate your issue. Did you review the troubleshooting Imports docs to make sure there is nothing hindering the communication , security preventing upload or  WPCRON from running ?


I cannot access your site link to see if there are error messages.  If you could run the WP debugger and if you need help interpreting the Debug log we can look at it together.



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