Thank you for your reply.

We do check both “Maps” and “Places”

I do find the notes and screen grabs confusing as they jump between a single key and two keys and suggests that one key may work. It would be great if the notes were presented as the steps/process, with screen grabs for a single key and the outcome and the steps/process for 2 keys and the outcome. The current information just doesn’t show a clear pathway for people like me.

The API keys do work as we are able to move the pin for “Center Map At” on both sites. Currently on the US site it is in Kansas.

On the US site, with the single API key, we CAN search if we add suburbs, towns or cities into the search field but we CANNOT search on zip codes. Should we be able to search on zip codes?

On the Australian site we CANNOT search on suburbs etc or zip codes.

We are able to locate the appropriate “Map Domain” for both the US and Australian site

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