ok, just talked to the developer. I provided you incorrect information on how to bulk Publish pages. The tab I was saying is under the Pages, is set to draft , that is for how you want the first status when you first create the Page. It will not go back and reset those to published. There is a reason for that, there are customers with a thousand store pages and they do not want there administrators to be able to just automatically create new pages and have them published.

The way you do publish them is a built in WordPress tools, after you have created Pages , go to sidebar menu under SLP Logo, All Pages (this is a WordPress feature) It will show the list of all your store pages, you check off under Bulk Edit all the ones you want to change . There is a screen that allows you to change status, you would change it to publish.

See screenshot.

I apologize for the confusion, I do not use SEO Pages on my own site so had to become familiar with the process again.

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