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Are you re- selecting the marker when you change , edit or add location?

I see on your site when I inspect that line it is showing that you have chosen :

When you edit the location make sure you have selected or have the url for the marker set. Suggest you check your directory path if you have your own icons markers stored somewhere, and be sure you are not trying to access them over the mixed content.

If this issue is specific to only one site with its own theme, check the scripts and jquery versions (See Lances Post)

I cant test it out on my site because you are using the old ES,ER,EM and I do not have those on my test site any longer as they were retired and are LEGACY

You mentioned for a “different client”: You should buy   SLP add-ons for each client or have a Premier subscription license if you are designing for multiple sites. See EULA. I do not see any  orders for the plugins under your name, perhaps they are bought under a different name, your clients name?  Either way you should update to the EXPERIENCE ADD-ON that works with SLP 4.5.xx versions,

The  old add-ons will work but they will not be updated and are only being looked at for major bug fixes..  At the beginning SLP was updated, added on to, providing more and more features as add-ons were added, and added and added, and now Maintaining and supporting  20 different add-ons with  constant updates to work with  SLP, and the changes in the WordPress environment is eating up too much overhead and is not viable  (SEE FUTURE)