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Lenny, I answered you in the Premier forum.

For better, more accurate information from  SLP support,  could you please post your Plugin environment and url, (see Posting guidelines)  I do not know if you have upgraded to the Power and Experience add-ons for instance, or what you have installed,/ activated.

 to reiterate here:


The switch current map ID indicates that you have or had  Multi Map plugin active.  Multi Map was problematic and it is a third party add-on (Debaat  forum ).   Check to see if you have Multi Map active, deactivate and see if the problem goes away.  Multi Map add-on as not been updated to work with the newer versions of SLP.

IS this a new domain?  If so as of June 22, 2016 Google requires a Map API Key This applies to every plugin and every site that uses Google Maps API