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We need your Plugin Environment please. I cannot tell what you are using nor versions and it matters if we are trying to assist you with issues.  Sometimes there are updates  to the add-ons that people are unaware of.  There have  also  been major WP updates.  As you probably know: The latest WP updates created issues with some other plugins that cause a ripple effect due to poorly constructed themes or outdated jquery.   So it is pretty much impossible to assist you without your version  information or your site url.  You say you are using ProPack , Tagalong , EM ER..etc. Those are  considered Legacy add-ons. and they may behave differently  with SLP 4.5.06..  ProPack should be on a version 4.5.xx as well.   I do not see any purchases of the referenced Add-ons by you  so I assume it has been a very  long time ago or the purchases were made under a different name??

I have Experience and Power add-ons loaded on my site so I cannot recreate your issues and need more information.

 Please see Posting Guidelines.  I believe we have been through the Posting guidelines and info needed  from either you and/or your predecessor before.

the only suggestion I can provide without info from you:

Upon inspecting some sites that people believe  are up to date , I find failed warnings, resources cant load issues etc..and errors in their console because their icons or markers are in an http directory file path  and they are using https or vs vs.   That’s all the stips  I can provide without more info or your site url.