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Thank you for providing the information.

It appears all your locations are centered around the northern area of Spain on border of France is this correct?   Do you have locations all over the world on this site? If not I would lower that results radius to a lower number under Experience/results.

It appears  you have the results  default radius as  this.default_radius = 40000;  Is there a reason to set it this high if all your locations are within a few hundred km?

As far as the search radius. I see that you have some very low number for KM to search by in the drop down menu, yet your default is 10km. If urgency and closest to them is more important that I would set the default search radius to one of your lower number, per haps 0.5km??

(BTW it appears your lower numbers for km have a comma, i.e 0,500 not a period so it is not showing up as .5 km. Maybe it is just my eyesight

I would have set the lowest number or something in between like  1km as the default for the drop down search default and then adjust the zoom level accordingly.

You do not have a label in the search form box. what are site visitors supposed to enter in the search form box?  City, or zip code or address or any text? For instance I went to your site and entered Barcelona and no results found.  Or  is the search form box supposed to be tags in free form text? I see you have Pro Pack so it could be by tags, or if you do not have tags is it supposed to be search by an address?  Or do you want them to not see that search form at all? If you want to hide that search form box and only see radius, the hide  search form box is part of the Experience add-on or Legacy Enhanced search

I have attached a screenshot of a set up for default radius 1km with options of 0.5 and so on. When I entered a zip code the map zoomed in around the locations based on whatever I chose to search for in the radius, If 0.5 km it would zoom even closer

if you DO NOT want to autozoom after the search there is a do not auto zoom setting (Use only the “zoom level” setting when rendering the initial map for show locations at startup. Do not automatically zoom the map to show all initial locations.)

But that is part of the Experience Add-on or Legacy Enhanced Map add-on

2) Sorry I didn’t know what you had installed:  Disable initial directory is part of the Experience Add-on or the Enhanced results legacy add-on.

Here is our new  documentation site  if I didn’t explain or provide you what you are looking for. You can also find a link to tutorial videos and demos site