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Hi DeBaat

We already wrote to Theme My Login to ask if we could get users access to the back end of just ONE url, and they said no. It’s not possible. We tried it.

Switching to another plugin that does what TML does would take quite a bit more testing and work. We use TML to manage a member plugin with its own pages too, as well as a Learning Management System (not to mention an event registration plugin). It would get quite complex if we had to change all these other things, especially design, to get it to work with a new ‘front-end’ plugin.

TML should just show a front-end version of the back end to users. I feel that this should be built in as an availability in your plugin, personally.

For the second option, we would have to purchase and then learn Gravity Forms, and other things. I realize that for someone like you this is a simple thing to do. However we are a small, non-profit, volunteer-run organization of non-techies with a limited budget. This would involve a budget approval and is more difficult for us than the payoff we feel it would give us at this point in time. So it’s not a small thing to try to get another plugin just to make this one work.

In the end, I feel like it’s just a link that we need people to access, and it’s just not working no matter what we try, and no matter how diligently we try to follow instructions or ask for support on it, which is frustrating. We don’t want to get involved in something this complex, and don’t feel we should have to for a paid-for plugin like this that is designed to let users manage their own locations…but that can’t for us.

I hope you understand where we are coming from. What we have is volunteers donating their time, which we will have to stick to for entering these locations. We don’t have budget to pay someone to do something like this for us, with so little chance it would work, and with little to show for it in the end (we have a few hundred members but not all need to be in the public directory).

Thank you.