Store Locator Plus for WordPress Forums Third Party Add-ons by Debaat How to give users access to user managed locations when using membership plugin? Reply To: How to give users access to user managed locations when using membership plugin?



Hello Cici, I can confirm that this does not work for us. I have tried many ways and tests to make it work. Can you please tell us what we should do to get this working?

These are the version numbers of the plugins we’re using:
SLP Version 4.5.05
UML Version 4.5.03

Here are the results of our tests.

I set a user jast**** to “allow” to manage locations under Store Locator Plus > User Managed Locations. This user shows it can manage 1 location. I clicked save changes.

Under Locations I set this user to be allowed to manage the location with the name Adri** de Me**, M.Ed., *** (using stars so she doesn’t show in search results)

I logged in as the user that I just allowed access to edit that 1 location.

I navigated to where our list of locations shows up, and there is no edit link or button anywhere:
Screen Shot 2016 06 08 at 3 19 01 PM

If I search for locations, there is still no edit link:
Not at the end of results: and not at the beginning of results:

I tried looking directly at the location this user is allowed to edit, and no edit link appears: (this would be a good place to put it as a default setting by the way)

I tried adding the shortcode to a page, this is the output: (nothing happens, it just shows the text of the shortcode)

I tried adding the shortcode sample you gave above to the Name of the location (see here: for how I set it up) . This is the output (nothing happens, no edit link):

I tried entering the shortcode into User Links on Theme My Profile settings: – this was a fat chance it would work, I know. And I was right, it didn’t work, it leads to a blank page when creating the link on the front end.

Can you please let us know how we can:

Allow our users to enter and manage their own locations using this plugin extension?

Can you give us step-by-step instructions of where to put your shortcode so it will work?

Can you let us know precisely where the “edit” link SHOULD appear on a page, or menu, etc. if this works as you described above?

We basically need an answer of whether or not this can work, given the situation we’ve described above with our member roles and using Theme My Login.

Thank you